Olivers Kombucha Kits Starter Kit

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  • Ongoing Support To Get You Going -Use Our  Experience

Brew your way to better gut health with delicious, premium organic Kombucha. In your Brew Kit, you will receive quality, 100% organic ingredients, plus easy-to-follow instructions, so you can brew from home.

You’ll be amazed how easy, and cost-effective, it is to brew your very own fizzy, fermented Kombucha tea drink - which the whole family will love. At Olivers Kombucha Kits, we’ve handpicked everything you need to get you on your way.

To Keep postage costs down, your starter kit will arrive in 2 envelopes.

You Will Receive:

- 1 Fresh Healthy Organic Scoby (BPA Free packaging) 10cm round

- 200ml of High-Quality Liquid Starter Tea

- Organic Raw Sugar for a 2 lt Brew

- Organic Green And Black Tea Bags For A 2lt Brew

- Brewing Instructions - tried & tested, we are proud of our expert tips!

Australia Post can take an extra day or 2 arrive to some areas, so please be patient. 

Fairtrade & Organic Ingredients

Our scoby and starter teas have been brewed using only filtered water and fairtrade organic ingredients, so you’re getting the best quality ingredients to start brewing with.

Kombucha is our business, we’ve been brewing for years!

We have many years of experience helping health-lovers handcraft their own organic Kombucha. Here at Olivers Kombucha Kits, you can be assured of the best fairtrade, organic ingredients with scobys packed fresh to order and super strong starter tea - so you can get your brew off to the best start.

New to brewing?

We’ve taken the guess work out for you with our tried and tested instructions.

If you have any questions at all, we are more than happy to answer them for you and offer advice.


Returns Accepted With Pictures.