How To Make A 3lt Brew

- 300ml of starter tea and scoby.  

- 2.7lt of filtered water

- 4 organic green tea bags, 4 organic black tea bags

- 3/4 cup of organic raw sugar

  1. Boil the water.
    -Not for too long- remove the pot from the heat once the water reaches a boil.
    -Boiling reduces the oxygen and carbon in the water, which are needed for the fermentation process.

  2. Add the tea and allow it to steep for 10 minutes, the longer it is steeped, the more bitter the brew can be. 

  3. Remove the tea bags.

  4. Add the sugar and stir until it is all dissolved.

  5. Let the sugar/tea solution cool to room temperature 
    -Leaving it overnight is easiest.
    -Make sure the mixture is properly covered so nothing gets inside!

  6. Pour the sugar/tea solution into the brewing container.

  7. Add the starter tea into the brewing container and stir it so that it’s evenly distributed throughout the solution.

  8. Add the SCOBY. 
    -You want the temperatures of the sugar/tea solution, starter tea, and the SCOBY to be the same so that the SCOBY won’t get temperature shocked. SCOBYs are living things!

  9. Cover the container with the clean cloth and secure it with a rubber band.
    -The goal is to allow oxygen in and keep pathogens out.

  10. Put your brewing container in a quiet, undisturbed spot.
    -Every time you brew, a new baby scoby will form.
    -Factors promoting Kombucha Baby scoby formation:
    -Constant temperatures
    -Warm temperatures (SCOBYs particularly like or 21-26°C)
    -DO NOT mix or stir- every time you disturb your brew, the new mushroom has to begin forming all over again.

  11. Ferment for 5-8 days at 25°c

  12. Taste your brew daily after day 5, if you can no longer taste any tea flavour your brew is ready. Enjoy! 

  13. Set aside 10-15% of your brew size, as this will be the starter tea for your next batch.

  14. Drink your kombucha tea as is, bottle it and refrigerate, or even start a second ferment with the flavours of your choice.